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Valdi Sabev

Music Artist

Hey, I am Valdi Sabev and I create music in a variety of styles. I love feel good tunes, chilled vibes and cool electronic beats. Atmospheric ambient and dreamy soundscapes are also cool. I keep an open ear on the latest trends in popular music so that my tracks are always interesting and fresh. Enjoy the tunes and have a good time!

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We Are One

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Impressions, Vol. 12




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You can now easily license my music to soundtrack your videos, movies, games, podcasts, commercials and other media projects.

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Featured placement

Featured placement

Curiosity Stream

I am very happy that my tracks Beatific Vision and Still Life are featured in the soundtrack of the program Science Vs. God by Curiosity Stream.

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I enjoy making new connections with cool and forward thinking people. We can work together on music licensing, custom tracks on a work for hire basis, compilation albums, in-store music programs and other cool projects. Feel free to email me and share your ideas with me!

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