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Valdi Sabev

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Hey, I am Valdi Sabev and I make Electronic Music in a variety of styles. Enjoy the tunes and have a good time!

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Best of Chill

This album is a very special collection of the 30 best Chill Out tracks that I've created. It is a journey of self discovery through music filled with emotions, thoughts and impressions. An album that has to be experienced from the first track to the last as each track represents a moment of my life that I've captured in music and I am now sharing with you.


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Awesome people saying cool things

Josh Fowler

We LOVE using Valdi's music not only on our podcast, but on the occasional vlog we post on our youtube channel. Valdi has a very good sense about what is current, yet has a brilliant way of putting his own spin on it. This helps us create something familiar and fresh at the same time! I ALWAYS search his tracks first when I'm in search of new music, I can't recommend him enough!

Full Time Hustle
Greg Snell

Valdi's tracks are perfect for my style of video creation and client work. He melds electronic beats with sweeping epic sounds to build a soundtrack of movement and emotion. I have used several of his tracks over the years and hope to continue doing so frequently.

Snell Media
Matthew Burris

Valdi creates a set of electronic music that’s uplifting and upbeat. It’s unlike any other songs I’ve heard in the genre.  He’s always producing quality content, while perfecting his craft. It’s always been a pleasure to work with Valdi and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Brentwood Baptist
 Brad Stanley

Choosing the right music for my video productions starts with Valdi Sabev. His role in my creation process can’t be understated. Simply put, one of the most powerful aces in my back pocket! 

Derek "The Bandit" Richardson

Valdi is one of my favourite music producers. When I started my podcast series he was kind enough to allow me to feature his incredible music. He takes you on a journey with his blissful beats and creates music that is good for the mind, body and soul. I couldn't be happier with the results.

 Guido van der Meulen

Valdi Sabev is one of the top producers in my opinion. He works hard and is always reinventing himself. His tracks have a signature sound to them and are never boring. As a DJ it is easy for me to work with his music because his tracks are DJ friendly and give room for the best mixes.

Guido's Lounge Cafe

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